I’m blorgering!

Obligatory opening post!  I’ll make it brief.

Last time I started a blog (aside from tumblering) it was the year of the tiger and I made lots of vague asskicking predictions. That blog lasted two years.  This time I’m starting in the year of the horse.  Now, I was born in a year of the ox.  According to some HuffPo Canada article I just read, oxes conflict with horses (for unstated reasons– workplace competition perhaps?).  The random guy summarizing the actual horoscope guy predicted that oxes will have arguments this year, but also work promotions, equitable police environments, and minimal romance.  This… is a mediocre prediction. Considering that I’m talking about predictions for 2014 in late March, I suppose I’m not off to a rip-roaring start, though.

Post number one and I’ve already completely lost my train of thought.

I scrolled through my old blog and there was some anecdotal gold in there.  Be prepared for some recycled material. I’m speaking in hypothetical second person here because only three or four people read my old blog. In any case, I promise I’ll leave off the endless progress reports and apologies for inconsistent blogging. I promise to try.

In life news I’ve been up since 4 a.m. on this fine Saturday, just planning my day.  We have three weeks to move and haven’t found a place yet. Two of of my jobs just gave me promotions and increased hours (year of the horse!!), causing me to put in notice at the third.  In my spare time I’m teaching my younger sister to drive, editing a book, and slightly failing my goal to read 100 books this year. I haven’t even starting making my Comic-Con costumes yet.

Clearly this is the perfect time to relaunch the old bloggaducci, but such are the decisions I make at 4 a.m.