dream journal

I’ve finished one out of four of the static pages for this site.  That’s got to be some kind of record.

In life news, Mr. and Mrs. Cat are still trying to move despite limitless obstacles. I’ve basically got us packed to the gills and living out of boxes, so hopefully it doesn’t take too much longer. WE’LL SEE.

Please enjoy this excerpt from my dream journal.

March 16, 2006:

A group of friends and I were running around town in the Bay area to film scenes for our movie. We stumbled upon an indoor set for the show Monk, but Tony Shalhoub was having FITS, furious that the show lasted more than one year because he hates English television and he wanted to escape everything. 

Secret officials in black suits showed up because Tony had a mission to accomplish in Yugoslavia. He ran for it, while I was still fumbling with my video camera to get the footage.

My dream stuttered ahead to another scene, at the beach beneath a huge bridge. We missed a bus and got stranded down there. Suddenly the weather went insane and I again fumbled with my camera.  Half of my vision was through the camera lens, and half of my vision was through my own eyes. Everything took on sepia tones like it was an old film reel. The bridge groaned overhead, columns of water erupting upward from the ocean. The dream went to shaky cam vision, darting back and forth as I tried to see what was going on, it was like the earth itself was shaking apart!