in which I resolve nothing

I’m not going to jinx myself with resolutions I surely won’t keep. I do have some expectations for the year, however. It is going to be a bit of a wild ride, with a baby on the way and some of the most epic party planning of my party planning life.

I tentatively resumed blogging in October, and the once-a-week format has been serving me well. I ought to write more about what I’ve been reading, since this is supposed to be an equally ‘life’ and ‘book’ related forum. So I’ll aim for that.

On that note: I read 44 books in 2014 (listed at the link in the menu bar!). That’s not even a book a week. What kind of writer/reader am I?? I could make excuses about the nine months I spent in a workaholic abyss, but plenty of folks make time around their day jobs. If it’s important, you fit it in.

And following that further, the more I read the more I feel energized to write. It is very easy to fall into passive media habits. TV, movies, social media. I love them but they don’t engage me the way books do. They don’t give me wackadoodle dreams from which I fumble awake thinking, “Should I write this down? No, it’s stupid. But it’s so vivid.”

In 2012 I published three short stories. In 2013 I set aside shorts and planned, planned, planned novels. In 2014 I finished a novel in three months and then did absolutely nothing for nine. I would like to not, you know, wait another year to be productive. Time to rip everything to shreds and rebuild.

So there you go. I won’t pin myself to numbers, because I know better than that. I won’t even bother talking about my body, my job, travel, social life, or any of the other usual New Year’s aspirations. I’m intending to keep doing what I’m doing… but do it significantly better!