How do you know when you are procrastinating because you’re a bum versus procrastinating because EVERYTHING IS WRONG? I am 23,000 words into the second book of a two book set, and I’ve been struck motionless by the possibility that if I cut some fluff I could make this two-book arc into a single epic. Just nothing but escalating crises till the conclusion. That sounds so satisfying, but it is a decision implying months of work so I really don’t want to get to the end of a rewrite and then realize I should have spent that time writing a sequel instead.

I suspect I am not cut out for sequels. I have a tendency to go “OKAY THAT IS DONE WHAT’S NEXT” and then I sink my mental teeth into an entirely different setting instead of taking advantage of all the world-building I just did for Project A. This is probably not a cost-effective use of my time, but it is more stimulating for sure.

That’s my conundrum for the day. I’ll post something humorous tomorrow. >_>

ETA: Does it count as new word count if you are writing the same book twice??