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I took a couple weeks off social media to have a baby. And it was a success! I now have a baby. As a result, I haven’t read or written anything new since his arrival, but I have watched five and a half seasons of Parks and Recreation and will finish it soon. The little victories??

I’m not intending to splash my baby around my public blog too much, and will probably continue referring to him as sputnik or just the baby. Rest assured, he is an adorable monster. He looks like a chipmunk and eats like a shark. Right now he sleeps in 2-4 hour cycles, and one day I won’t be glued to a breast pump for half my waking hours. Until that day I’m getting snatches of time to hop online and answer the occasional email.

I’ll have more thoughts on baby business in the coming weeks. I promise, newborn babies are just as grossly entertaining as the final stages of pregnancy! While that percolates, let’s get back to the book blog basics. It’s time to tell you about the Book of Books!

book of books

It is truly booktastic.

This thing is exactly what it sounds like: a notebook in which I list every book I’ve ever read. I’m pretty sure. Actually, I bet there are some elementary school books I missed, and I purposefully left off everything below a certain reading level. I have no idea what that reading level is numbered, but there are 233 books listed along the lines of Roald Dahl, Bruce Coville, Baby-Sitters Club, and so on.

Let’s start over.

When I was eight or nine years old I was struck by the notion that I might forget which books in the house I had already read, and therefore I should start some kind of record. A reasonable fear!! I was also jealous and fascinated by my mother’s Book-O-Dex, a box of index cards listing books she owned, because she kept accidentally re-buying things at the used bookstore. She could call home and say, “Do I have this book already?” and one of us could run to the Book-O-Dex and pull up the record by author.

I really don’t know why it took me 25 years to realize I should study library science.

Unfortunately (or rather FORTUNATELY) I’m the kind of person who has a really hard time quitting a project once it has begun. And that means I have been keeping this Book of Books for about twenty years, because if I ever stop keeping it, and then change my mind, it would be incredibly difficult to backtrack and fix that gap. Therefore I must keep it till my death. I have a post-it note affixed to the inside cover, on which I also keep a running tally of the number of books recorded within. When I hit one thousand books, I threw a Thousand Books Party complete with book cookies, a castle cake, and friendship.

P1010169 resize

I’m not even lying.

I’m now at 1,175 books. As I’ve mentioned before, I try to average one book a week these days. It’s not a crazy goal compared to most readaholics (in my junior high days it was 2-3 books a week), but I’m balancing reading against other things. We’ll see how this year averages out with my January-February readathon versus these early months of baby care.

See you next week. And remember: ~~knowledge is power!~~

P1010171 resize

… it’s Reading Rainbooooowww!

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