rough draft hollaaaa

I didn’t post last week because I was in a writing flurry. I always go nuts when I’m nearing the end of a draft. If I did things right, then it is like dominoes falling all the way through the end. In this case there were a heck of a lot of dominoes, because it was book two of a two book set. Don’t ask me the details, for I am infuriatingly vague at all times.

And yesterday, it happened! I completed the rough draft! Now, it is definitely the roughest rough draft ever to draft, but it has the words THE END tacked on, so it is totally legit. I have to completely rewrite the first half because I had an epiphany and mentally changed everything, then carried on writing as though I had already implemented those changes. But shhh, shhh, let me have this moment! My goal was to complete a rough draft by the end of my maternity leave, and I did it with 6 days to spare.

Then I got really sad about the end of my maternity leave, and in a combination of self-congratulation and self-pity, I might have ummmm bought a couple more books than I originally intended when I entered my favorite indie bookstore.


In the words of Homer Simpson: Haha, heehee, hoohoo. Oh my.

My word total for the year is up to 97,000, which I am pretty satisfied with. Plus about 30,000 words of an unfinished rewrite, when I went crazy for two weeks and thought I should turn this two book set into one book. I came to my senses, abandoned that madness, and carried on through the originally intended draft. But anyway, it’s done now!!

I’m going to spend this week outlining up a storm, and then reading the shit out of some books, and hugging the literal crap out of my baby. Tune back in for the next exciting chapter: Sam goes back to work and everything changes again!