half year goals

Uh oh, I’ve been back to work for half a week and I’m already slacking on the blog! I just have to settle into my new routine–although next week is a big mess of San Diego Comic-Con, so I’ve got to settle into a new routine after that.

The year is half over, which is basically ridiculous. This warrants a roundup!

My accomplishments so far:

  • I read 33 books, over halfway to my annual minimum
  • I wrote the rough draft of a book
  • I had a baby


My meager goals for the rest of the year include:

  • Reading at least 19 more books (preferably another 33)
  • Polish my book draft (preferably begin another)
  • Play with my baby (he might even speak by Christmas)

This list. It’s pretty weak. Especially considering it’s the last bit of my 20s I’m talking about here. 30 is a completely arbitrary age, but it’s such a nice round number that it’s difficult not to set goals by it! I’ll take the opportunity here to say I am expecting my 30s to rock. These days the entire 20-something decade can be summarized as “getting one’s shit together.” Now that my shit is firmly together, things are looking good.

So let me add some more colorful items to the list:

  • Throw an amazing Back to the Future party in October
  • Draft some excellent new content for the blog, including the time I crashed a Wiccan wedding, my earliest short stories following a childhood head injury, and continued adulation over the character of Ellen Ripley
  • Make baby’s first cosplay
  • Enjoy another round of themed holidays– this might be the year of Superhero Thanksgiving and GIFT HARD Christmas, unless somebody suggests better

And then I’ll be 30, it’ll be the year 2016, and I will have all new sorts of aspirations.

Um um, every blog should have a picture soooooo

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