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The Grand 1000 Books Party

This is a photo of me holding cookies decorated like books, celebrating the day I logged 1000 entries in the Book of Books.  I’m also wearing book earrings, and by that I mean I sewed and bound tiny 16-page books and made earrings out of them.  I also clearly failed to do the dishes before this photo was taken.  If you want further analysis (and I haven’t hit a thousand words yet, so this photo still has more to say) I’ve got a little sign back there that says “Mia Cucina,” because I’m half-Italian but the only half I know is the eating half.

This blog is where I talk about about reading, writing, pop culture, and embarrassing anecdotes from my youth. Expect a lot of B-movies, female action heroes, lamentations about productivity, and arm flailing as I navigate the query trenches of publishing. And of course, recommendations on how to live your life samtastically.

Oh, and these fine felines are Mr. and Mrs. Cat.  They’ll be appearing on this website with baffling irregularity.


Mr. and Mrs. Cat visit the pyramids. Lucky.