Adrianna in Pomegranate

     –Beneath Ceaseless Skies [coming in 2018!]

Strange Waters

     –Strange Horizons [coming in 2018!]

Memories, Freestyle 

     –Mortis Operandi, The Harrow Press, December 2012
(Harrow Press or Amazon)

Mirror, Mirror (with Briana Vandenbroek)    

     –Apocalypse 13, Padwolf Publications, December 2012
(Padwolf Publications or Amazon)

Doc Mitford Catches the Ghost Train

     –Tales of the Talisman, vol. 7 issue 4, Spring 2012
(Tales of the Talisman or Amazon)


Sam’s Phenomenal Cosmic Movie Column

-I used to blog about B-movies and other film-related topics at the website Cinema Spartan, run by movie critic Robert Patrick.  It was fun, and I kind of miss it, but I left when graduate school ate me alive and I’ve never gone back.
(Cinema Spartan)