Four of Seven
     –In which a pair of sisters attempt to reach a hospital after curfew, in a mining colony company town in spaaace (with bonus college woe and messy family solidarity).
     –Escape Pod, Episode #687, July 4, 2019 [available online]

Laugh Lines
     In which a far future vat baby has some strong words to say about her mother.
     –Daily Science Fiction, June 10, 2019 [available online]

One Part Per Billion
     –In which humanity is invited to make first contact, but alas, we are put in charge of selecting our own representatives for the journey.
     Diabolical Plots, Issue #50, April 15, 2019 [available online]

Adrianna in Pomegranate
     –In which a reclusive calligramancer grows obsessed with casting a very particular spell, and his ex-wife is determined to stop him.
     –Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #271, February 14, 2019 [available online]

Strange Waters
     –In which a time-traveling fisherwoman is struggling to get home to her children, and sees a lot along the way.
     –Strange Horizons, April 2, 2018 [available online]
     –The New Voices of Science Fiction, Tachyon Publications, October 2019
     –Podcastle, Episode #587, August 13, 2019 [available online]
     –BSFA Awards long list for short story!

The Gestational Cycle of Flies in a Cupboard
     –In which a woman finally kicks her abusive boyfriend out, only for something worse to take his place.
     –LampLight, Vol. 6 Issue 3, March 2018


Sam’s Phenomenal Cosmic Movie Column
I used to blog about B-movies and other film-related topics at the website Cinema Spartan, run by movie critic Robert Patrick.  It was fun, and I kind of miss it, but I left when graduate school ate me alive and I’ve never gone back.